2013 Producer Of The Year Award Goes To.....


With the explosion of trap music in 2012, it's no surprise that its popularity continued to snowball through 2013. Plus so many producers jumping on the scene meant there was a ton of new material but also a bit of oversaturation. DJ Snake cut through the noise dropping some of the biggest and most original tracks in the genre. If you went to a club, rave, or festival this year, it’s guaranteed one of his tracks had you whylin’ out at some point in the night.djsnake-kanyewest

He started off the year with the release of ‘Bird Machine’ (ft. Alesia), a unique banger that had everyone screwing their faces, twerking, and asking their friends “What the fuck is this?” It didn't take long for them to find out. The bird whistle is impossible to confuse with another track and got plays from every major DJ out there including Diplo, TJR, and A-Trak to name a few.


A couple months later, he dropped two new tracks: a massive mash-up of remix Junior Senior’s ‘Move Your Feet’ and the club banger ‘Birthday Song’. The success of his works earlier in the year garnered him remixes for some of the biggest names in the industry such as: AlunaGeorge, Duck Sauce, Major Lazer, and Kanye West, most of which could be considered for a ‘Remix of The Year’ award. His rendition of Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ was nothing short of epic. He keeps the song true to the original at first, letting Kanye spit his first verse before bending the vocals and dropping it into a low trap banger. But the first drop is only a warm-up. Snake continues to let the track build before bringing in dub-esq bass lines that will slap you through your speakers. The best part doesn’t come until the track is almost done (3:10) with a sound that is nothing short of brain rattling (in a good way).


Closing out the year, Snake dropped a stellar collaboration with Spanker & Yellow Claw that combines Trap and Moombahton beautifully. To really end things off with a bang, Snake took the long awaited (unreleased) ‘Bang the Underground’ to Lil’ Jon for some vocals. This collaboration resulted in the massive tune ‘Turn Down For What’. The track is akin to the works of trap god Baauer but constant beat changes, vocal tweaks, and some bouncy bubbles make this song distinctly DJ Snake. The heavy bass and vocals from the king of all hype men give this song the potential to be the club killer of the year. DJ Snake recently posted: “I fucked up the trap game and you ain’t even know it.” To this I can only say, “If you don’t know, now you know”.


Honorable Mentions: BaauerBrillzRL GrimeLoudpvckTWRK

- @ClassyVlassy