The Iscream - 2015 Toronto Music Commercial

10737907_10152451471605735_1000716737_o1.jpg Music that is found at a local level is far more pure and authentic than music that has been tainted with fame. Supporting Toronto artists and watching them grow within their music is an incredibly uplifting experience. With the help of some local musicians and an amazing creative team at Design Mentality, we decided to put together a short commercial in hopes of increasing support for the local music scene in Toronto and strengthening our community as a whole.Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. Enjoy & share.

Design Mentality Production (

Director: Aref Mahabadi Cinematography: Dan Wood Editor: Aref Mahabadi Narrative: Del Mahabadi

First Toronto Skyline Shot provided by Daryl Reyes (

Music: OBESØN - Give Me All Your Love (

Artists: 0:00 Intro 0:03 Soul Nidus 0:07 Jhyve 0:10 Tray Starks & Hydeff 0:12 Monique Angele 0:15 Juvon Taylor 0:20 Jimmy B Sbe 0:24 Geneva 0:27 The Fifths 0:45 Dj Knoxx 0:52 Del Hartley