Sara Diamond has come a long way since her days as an anthem singer for the Montreal Canadians. She turned heads in 2016 with her first single “Just Give in,” proving that she was more than just a voice. Fast forward two years and she has a solid collection of songs to prove she’s an R&B act to watch.

This week she officially released her debut EP, Foreward. Consistent with her past work, Foreward is stacked with powerfully haunting R&B tracks that display her soulfully sweet vocals. Despite the layered production, the album has a stripped-down vibe to it. With crackling static layered throughout and the steady groove of each track, this album makes you want to curl up on the couch on a rainy day. Stand out tracks include opening number “Know My Name,” showcasing her light falsetto and raspy belting and “Crash,” a power-house anthem about finding love.

Listen to the full EP here:

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By Robyn Bell

Robyn Bell