It’s hard to describe the kind of band 36? is. They jump through multiple genres of rock, from psychedelic to pop to grunge so seamlessly that they seem to exist in their own category.

With their latest single, “so what?,” the Calgary rockers have managed to capture this manic switch in genres as a way of mirroring the conflicting emotions felt when battling depression.

Not one to shy away from alternative production, “so what?” is a blend of grungy, lo-fi vocals overtop poppy guitar licks and a driving rhythm, giving this song an odd juxtaposition of positive, high energy mixed with the slow, quiet tone of frontman Taylor Cochrane’s voice.

It almost feels like two different songs mashed together—which is exactly what Cochrane was going for. He’s been open about his struggles with mental health since the band’s inception. The arrangement is designed to reflect the sunny disposition people may use to hide their mental health struggles.

“I think the natural reaction when you are feeling super depressed is to overcompensate with faux-positive energy and pretend everything is super happy which is what we did with the arrangement,” said Cochrane. “‘so what?’ is like when someone tells a funny joke about how they hate themselves. You laugh, but you also know they are serious."

Listen to “so what?” below:

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By Robyn Bell

Robyn Bell