Goodbyes are never easy - unless you're saying goodbye to 2018. The devil was working overtime and the Universe was hella bent on testing your last nerve. Was it just me or did the past 12 months feel like driving with the gas light on? Rest assured because if it felt like hard work, it probably was. The fruits of your labour are on their way - Canada Post style. The good news is we made it this far. And that has to count for more than something. Let's praise the music for getting us through - SOUND. VIBRATION. FREQUENCY. 

Best Album of 2018:  Astroworld - Travis Scott

Hands down. This album was like ketchup - a real staple.  House party - ketchup. Car cruise - ketchup. Chill session - ketchup. Making love - ketchup. Many months have passed and this is still in heavy rotation. It was a 1-hour ride through the thriller theme park on a psychedelic train. Each track seamlessly flowing into the next; The Willy Wonka rap album if you will.  One of my personal favourites, NO BYSTANDERS was a symphony of fight or flight music - a lyrical yet harmonious rampage. More reasons to love it: Our very own WondaGurl was one of the producers on this track - female, Canadian, and a master of her trade.  Some critics will suggest that the collaborations on the album were the bulk of its success, but that claim implies that money and power are all it takes to make great albums. Scott had a strong line-up of musical genius, but in his own words on the single, SICKO MODE, 'Who put this shit together? I'm the glue'.  Heavily anticipated and exceeding expectations; producer and recording artist, Travis Scott, makes his mark and masterpiece. For a man who once sacrificed his own bed for studio space, this praise is well deserved. Third times a charm. 


Best Single of 2018: In My Feelings - Drake 

Yes, maybe some are tired, but Drake is our Hometown Hero. And despite the ghost stories - and the eerie sacrificial death 'rumours', Keke was a Summer sensation. Drake fans everywhere were scurrying the internet looking for this mysterious woman while debating passionately about his family affairs. The classic Drake narrative gets us every time - spoken like a true Canadian:

  • Please, just love me

  • I'm sorry, I can't love you

  • Let me help save you from yourself

The Drake Effect* made this track a hit - giving birth to the dance challenge where people exit a moving vehicle while singing and dancing. Darwin would have wanted you to try this at home. 

*A psychological phenomenon where the masses willingly follow and formulate opinions in favour of or against a person, place, or thing through the idolization of Drake. For example: Meek Mill.

By: Nizer