Ben Caplan Shares Single 'Widow Bride'

Ben Caplan has announced the release of his new album Old Stock set for release on June 15th in partnership with Rhyme and Reason Records. The first single from the album, “Widow Bride” has been unleashed into the world, and Caplan is set to embark on an extensive North American and European tour. Full tour details below.

Listen below:

 “I wanted to put this song on album because it was important to me that the album include a nod to the First Peoples who were in this land before colonists, settlers, and various waves of immigrants and refugees arrived. The song quotes Queen Victoria “looking for a strong young man to match up with these virgin lands.” The tragedy of the song is the central lie of North America. These were not “virgin lands”. The bride was indeed beautiful, but she already had a groom, and he was still very much alive." - Caplan

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