Marchildon! Releases New Track/Video 'Sweet Potato Kisses'

Owen Marchildon has shared a new video for his latest track 'Sweet Potato Kisses'. He will be releasing his new (and 10th) album Please Pass The Potatos next month on May 4th, 2018. 

The video was made by his Uncle John Paul Marchildon, who purchased a video camera in the 80s to record family gatherings. Here is a quote from his uncle below:

"My name is John Paul Marchildon. I’m Owen’s (Marchildon!) uncle. I bought a video camera back in the mid eighties to film family get togethers. As with a lot of things i’ve acquired over the years, the camera and all the footage found its way into a box in the basement. We received an email from Owen about a year ago wondering if we still had the old footage of him and his cousins on his grandfather’s farm and the time spent up in Penetanguishene for family reunions. I had completely forgot about the video camera. I also thought it was an odd request. But then again it’s Owen. He’s always up to odd things. Anyways, my wife Mary dug it up out of the basement and sent it Owen’s way. Owen digitized the old VHS C tapes and had his friend Valerie Callam edit the old footage to a couple of songs he’s putting out. Maybe it’s an album. I don’t know. Owen’s always up to something.” Uncle John Paul Marchildon

Watch below:

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