Sophia Danai Releases Her New Single 'Come Thru'

Sophia Danai has officially released her new single 'Come Thru', as part of her forthcoming EP Real Lies.

At the age of 20, it seems that Sophia has LIVED! With the ups and downs of a failed marriage and dealing with a bad production deal, it's almost guaranteed that the emotional turmoil will give birth to a fire album. 

" “Come Thru,” the first song to be shared from my new album, Real Lies, was written from the most unedited part of me. It’s a way to channel my anger into something positive, and connect with the audience on a very personal level. When I started performing it live, fans would come and sing the words back to me with a big smile on their faces. Even though it can be terrifying, it’s such a release to claim your space and stand your ground. That is one of the most difficult things in life for me, and it's what “Come Thru” is about" - Sophia Danai

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