Game Changers: Chaka Clarke

Game Changers: @Chakabars - An Instagram Activist Doing Actual Good

There is beauty in all things - your selfie included, but the content you're exposed to on Instagram is comparable to who you hang out with in real life. Think about it. Your environment includes what you're consistently seeing on your screen. Environment = influence = thoughts ... and so on. You follow Kim Kardashian and her soul-vacuuming caucus long enough, you will pick up a thing or seven. 

Let's talk about an Instagram account that will do you some good instead of provoking feelings of envy, jealousy, and low self-esteem. Feng shui your life.

Who is @Chakabars?

@Chakabars - or Chaka Clarke is a 30 year old Instagram activist who started his career relatively small and in the world of fitness. He founded 'Spartanfam' which promotes an 'anytime, anyplace, any thing' philosophy to working out. No expensive diets or equipment - just bodyweight. He outgrew that niche fairly quickly when he realized that he had greater potential helping others. Chaka now raises money online through campaigns to fund infrastructure and support systems in the Third World - i.e. building an orphanage in Congo.

Chaka is an activist for many causes - especially those near and dear to his African roots. He is a fitness maestro and raises money for his NPOs projects through boxing matches in the UK and from the support of his followers. Chaka loves eating vegan, showing love to the marginal populations of the world, and spreading truth and awareness. 

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Chaka's Journey

You don't just become a celebrity overnight. I don't care what Twista says. It takes a certain personality type to be this dedicated with one's work. The word here is 'struggle'. 

Chaka was born in Barbados but grew up in England - mostly in Leeds, where his mother thought it best to raise her children knowing their roots. But hood shit has a way with young men and as Chaka navigated his way through it, he eventually found himself in the army. After serving in Iraq for 4 years, he returned home to the UK feeling deflated. The lies about 'fighting for freedom', the realization of what wars are truly fought for...  

Shortly after his return, he saw his friend get murdered - shotgun to the face - while training in a public park. Chaka decided decided his life was more valuable than what he was doing with it and moved to London to carry out his youth-empowering, fitness fuelled, humanitarian efforts.

Chaka's Mission

Expose the truth and spread awareness. Help people and make a positive impact. Build a better future. 

Under his NPO, I Heart Africa, Chaka continues to support and fund sustainable solutions to help children - often orphans. One of his most recent campaigns, #WeWillRizeInWakanda, 'works with various educators to facilitate an open source lesson plan and workshop that accompanies the viewing of the film to teach students about important uncovered curriculum topics like the pre-colonial Africa, the effects of European imperialism and Afro-futurism'. So far, 500 children in Jamaica have participated and Chaka plans to implement the program in Ghana, London, Miami, and possibly Toronto. 

You can view all the campaign details and/or make a contribution here. 

Chaka is on the front lines of many issues: race, wealth distribution, human rights, diet and health, political, feminism, socio-economic class, and the list goes on.  He's also rubbing shoulders with celebrities who share his same values - i.e Colin Kaepernick (Big Salute).

His work is uplifting and his energy is welcomed by any and all who appreciate good work.

Shoutout the game changer, @Chakabars for his will and his ways. 


And he's fine as hell. Reward for those who read till the end.