Goosebump Releases New Track/Video 'Heather's Invitation'

The Toronto art-pop band Goosebump, comprising of songwriters Neil Rankin and Paul Erlichman, has released their new track 'Heather's Invitiation', and it's got that summer slow roll to the intersection with the windows down vibe, with one bead of sweat on the forehead, just one.

Listen/watch below:

"Pretentiousness warning ahead: the chorus of Goosebump by Goosebump’s first single, 'Heather’s Invitation,' derives from a similar line in [Kazuo] Ishiguro’s book called When We Were Orphans," says the band. "It’s an older guy turning away his adopted daughter’s invitation to come live with her, because he’s prideful and drawn to loneliness. Total pop song material, right? The verse chords are basically the same as ELO’s 'Do Ya,' which is possibly the dumbest song ever written. Guess our song is middle-brow." 

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Del Mahabadi