Kandle Releases New Video for 'Bender', EP Out May 11th

Kandle has released the official video for her single 'Bender', off her upcoming EP Damned if I Do, set to be released May 11th, 2018. She will be performing some tracks from her EP at Sleepless Records CMW showcase at The Horseshoe Tavern on May 10th.

Watch below:

“Bender” isn’t a song about going on a bender in the traditional sense of a weekend with too much alcohol and drugs. It’s about a forced bender—it’s about a forced reliance on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and their accumulating effects on the body and psyche. After one particularly bad episode of chronic migraine, I found myself in the ER dancing on the edge of hysteria in a shrouded fog. I was feeling very dark and sedated and I put all of that pain and hurt into this dirty circus waltz, determined to wrestle control from its grip. For me, music is therapeutic; it's about drawing on alchemy and sheer willpower to transform my suffering into a musical weapon that momentarily defeats my adversary, pain. " - Kandle

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/kandleofficial/

Del Mahabadi