The weather may not have been the most ideal for a day at Hanlan’s Point last Monday, but that didn’t stop the enclave of dedicated partiers from the final Electric Island show of the summer.

Event after event, the summer festival series has hit it out of the park with a total of five showcases in 2018 alone. This summer, Torontonians were able to bask in the sweet beats of Shiba San, Black Coffee and many other greats—and this final show was no exception. The fest was extended to two days for the long weekend, instead of the usual one day show.


We hit up the fest on the holiday Monday. The day started off promising—despite warnings of thunderstorms, it felt like it could be a pleasantly warm day without showers (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). Alexander Harris was the first to hit the mainstage, while Butrous was running the smaller Moog stage. It was the perfect music to have playing in the background while exploring the festival grounds, grabbing a drink and getting pumped for the day ahead.


Gera P got everyone grooving at the mainstage, while the venue continued filling up.

Filthy Gorgeous created a sexy atmosphere at the intimate Moog stage, with her sensual rhythms.


When J. Philp began her set on the mainstage, the sky was getting concerningly dark. But we all collectively ignored it, continuing to dance as though the clouds hadn’t just turned indigo. Suddenly it began to pour—and I mean it really poured. For about 20 minutes the rain was unrelenting. The festival took a pause during this time, due to fears that lightening would could strike. But once the rain stopped and we got the all clear, the show lit up again like nothing happened.


It was like Lane 8 elevated the whole festival—the mood of the crowd may have been downtrodden by the weather, but everyone was back to the fun, energetic vibing once he stepped onto the mainstage to bang out his dreamy house.


When Pony and Karim Olen Ash took the Moog stage together, I felt like I spent the next hour running between the two stages, unsure who I wanted to hear more.

Nitin then hit the Moog stage, bringing his Detroit-influenced techno to the cozy stage while the sun set.


Justin Martin kept the party rolling on the mainstage. He has a somewhat goofy presence on stage, which helped to foster the positive energy of the fest.


It was hard to see Nicole Moudaber through the smoke and lights, but there was no denying whom the silhouette of dark curly hair belonged to. The legendary DJ capped off the night with her high-energy dance music. It was almost like people had conserved some extra energy for her set because the crowd was jamming harder than ever.


With Toronto staple Jamie Kidd running the Moog stage, the final night of Electric Island ended on an unforgettable note.

Summer 2019 couldn’t come soon enough.


By Robyn Bell



Robyn Bell