Devontée Releases New Album 'Head Gone'

Today, Devonté has finally dropped his highly anticipated album Head Gone. Described as a perfect blend of the sounds of his cultural upbringing (Toronto, Jamaica) with that of his current musical adventures throughout the United States, Head Gone features bass heavy sounds and potent messages with purpose.

Listen below:

Head Gone features notable collaborations with Toronto rap icon Kardinal Offishall, Pro Era’s CJ Fly, fast rising UK grime emcee Eyez, in addition to burgeoning talents Ravaillac, Daxz, Midknight, Maad, and Sleighn.  

"I look around but there’s rarely any souls to be found 
Bodies everywhere, heads up heads down 
Lost spirits no guidance with lack of self control 
The violence with the heat has risen and it’s taken a toll" 
- Head Gone

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