SYLO NOZRA Premieres New Album 'Mud Mask'

Toronto-based vocalist/producer Sylo Nozra has released his long-awaited album Mud Mask. This album was co-produced by Sylo alongside frequent collaborator Goldchain, and Juno Award-winning producer Lantz.

“[Growing up in North America, the way Asians are portrayed in the media]… It’s always been very culturally appropriated and stereotyped. I want to be on the forefront of breaking that barrier.” - Interview with i-D, Sylo Nozra

Listen below:

Sylo has also debuted his first music video for the track ‘divine’. The video depicts a couple’s budding romance blossoming into a true and pure love. The track expresses the beauty of falling in love and shows his vulnerable side. 

Watch below:

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