After a string of hit singles, an MMVA nomination, and a major tour announcement, Toronto starlet Ralph’s debut full length album A Good Girl is available today on 604 Records.

Listen below:

A Good Girl introduces a new sound for Ralph – maintaining her classic glittering synths and disco flare, she’s introduced heavier beats and a sprinkle of sultry R&B to create a collection of danceable bops, low-key jams and heartbreak anthems.

“I wrote A Good Girl over the course of a year, maybe a little more... and a lot happened in that year,” explains Ralph. Her new album is a collection of intimate stories, feelings and experiences since her early 2017 debut, “because I use songwriting as a type of therapy and a way to explore my feelings, the songs naturally began to reflect everything that was happening in my life. Sometimes I was hurting, other times I was the one hurting someone else, and then to make it more complicated, sometimes I'd be both.”

 For more information, visit: https://www.songsbyralph.com/


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