Jane’s Party has released their latest track ‘Satellite’, shared off of their fourth full-length project Casual Island.

“This album feels very personal to us, like we’re sharing that initial intimate experience when you're first coming up with the song and recording it in your bedroom.” - Jane’s Party

Satellite’ depicts an other worldly encounter when lead singer (Jeff) had with a mysterious individual some years back whilst playing a bar gig in our local Toronto. Around the same time, Jeff was obsessed with watching UFO conspiracy footage and had come across a phenomenon known as The Black Knight Satellite – an object that seems to blink in and out of existence while orbiting the Earth in a very unusual manner. This analogy of the ‘Satellite’ was the perfect way to describe the strange encounter that he couldn’t stop thinking about.

Listen below:

For more information, visit: www.janesparty.com

Del Mahabadi