Fashion Art Toronto wrapped up last month and, as per usual, this year’s affair was a show stopper.

Endearingly referred to as “FAT,” this series of runway shows, musical performances and artistic displays serves as a format for artists to push the limits of their creativity.

Since 2005, FAT has helped bring awareness to emerging designers, models and artists who call Toronto home. Once a small, grassroots event, it has since morphed into one of the most exciting weeks on the Canadian fashion calendar. And the effect it has on the careers of creatives involved is evident.

Video testimonials were shown each night, spotlighting Toronto fashion heroes, including Evan Biddell and Jayjay Kings, as they expressed their long-standing love for FAT and the community it has fostered.

The theme for the 14th edition of FAT was “Movement,” imploring artists to showcase what “inspires us, motivates us, what moves us forward.” Each collection was uniquely poignant, inspiring conversations about the environment, equality and beauty standards.

Check out some of our favourite looks below:

Morgan Sheardown


Michelle Taras Art Apparel


Robyn Bell