Today, Montreal native singer-songwriter Jesse Mac Cormack released his mesmerizing new album, Now, via Secret City Records.

Listen below:

“The beginning of the relationship. The fire, the passion. This really beautiful thing that doesn’t last. These are moments that mark us forever. Afterwards, life catches up to us. We fall back into the patterns that have been holding us back since our very first relationship. It’s tempting to constantly move on to another dream, as soon as the flame goes out.” - Jesse Mac Cormack

The songs on Now are prismatic and forward-facing, recalling the adventurous pop of Tame Impala, Talk Talk and Perfume Genius. Mixed by Matt Wiggins in the UK, it is a work of ardent, kaleidoscopic art rock that is at once a dazzling premiere and the culmination of a meticulous five-year evolution. The record’s landscape is the open space of the Mojave Desert – “vast and weird,” the tranquil bed of what was once a teeming ocean. Death Valley has long loomed large in Jesse’s imaginary and is omnipresent in many visual aspects of Now.

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Del Mahabadi