Rapper Naya Ali Releases New Single 'Get It Right'

Emerging Ethiopian-born, Montreal based rapper Naya Ali  returns with some of the best music of her young career with the much anticipated single ‘Get It Right’. Produced by Banx & Ranx, the song showcases the young rhyme slinger's ability to create hard-hitting rhymes, hypnotic hooks and empowering lyrics over an incredibly catchy clock ticking-inspired beat blended in nicely alongside booming basslines and haunting howls. 

"Get It Right is a warm-up, a more than confident step into the game, it's about versatility unmatched, integrity untouched, flows unseen...it's about the underdog coming for the throne." - Naya Ali

Stream ‘Get It Right’ here

Her first album will be released in early 2020.

Del Mahabadi