Liar, Liar. Raps under fire.It’s time to expose the counterfeit concepts and delusional perceptions of reality that will make some rappers think twice before spitting game on a mic. These are just a few of the lies that rappers tell.

1) “I make it rain”

No...No you don’t... Half of you face tax evasion charges and somehow find yourselves broke, chasing endorsement deals and appearing on sloppy reality tv shows. With your careers lasting as long as Pizza Pizza takes to deliver, it’s no wonder you went from stackin’ to lackin’. A financial planning course might have saved you from the drought.Like Lil’ Flip: From noddin’ your head to simply shakin’ your head… possibly one of the most embarrassing endorsement deals of all hip-hop history.



2) “We don’t love them hoes”

Yes… Yes you do. You love them so much. You spend all your money on them (and various material possessions in efforts to attract them). Poppin’ bottles and poppin’ bands at the titty bars…


You can’t even go to a regular club anymore without feeling more displaced than a Palestinian refugee. While these ‘hoes’ are looking for a free meal ticket, you’re handing out more food stamps than the US government.


3) “Greatest rapper alive”

Ok stop it. You are not the greatest rapper alive. Unless all the other ones went to a rapper convention that got blown up by a CIA sponsored terrorist attack and there were no survivors AND you weren’t invited. Popular opinion could imply greatness, but don’t let that get to your head as popular opinion has also really proved itself to be a disappointment. The rap game no longer has a king – only kingdoms. The Tupac and Biggie era will forever be the greatest.

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