43 Worst Rap Lyrics of All Time


When you’re given the mic and you recite your scripture, do your research, enlighten, don’t revert to the leechers. People pay money and invest in your lines so next time, do your homework and do better then these lines!f_58824e9a87

1. I’m into distribution, I’m like the Atlantic/I got them motherf***** flying across the Atlantic” – Rick Ross – “Hustlin”

One of the most uncreative aspect of rapping, rhyming a word with the same word.

2. Never let me slip, ‘cause if I slip then I’m slippin’ – Dr Dre – “Nuthin But a “G” Thang”

Well, Dr. this is pretty obvious isn’t it?

3. You look so good, I’ll suck on your daddy’s d*** – Biggie – “Me and my Bitch”

Understandable, quoting Richard Pryor, but your portraying a different image Biggie...

4. I just landed in Europe, N****, shopping bags I’m a tourist, N****, Money talk I speak fluent, N****, Reeboks on I just do it, N**** - Rick Ross – “F*uckwithmeyouknowigotit

Once again repeating the same word to rhyme, also, THAT”S THE WRONG SLOGAN!



5. I am a God, hurry up with my damn massage – Kanye West – “I Am A God”

Straight to the point, rude, overly conceited…Kanye in a nutshell.

6. “She said can you get my friends in the club? I said can you get my benz in the club? – Kanye West – “Send It Up”

Terrible lyric but possibly one of the funniest comebacks ever.

7. I like them Black, White, Puerto Rican, or Haitian Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian. – Chingy – “Balla Baby”

A lot of people comment on this one but seriously, he can’t differentiate race…

8. I’m a venereal disease like a menstrual bleed – Lil Wayne – “A Millie”

I’m pretty sure that these are NOT the same thing…ladies?....

9. The glock cocka, Hoe hoppa, Show stoppa, watch your mouth brah – Snoop Dog – “Bring It On”

 Clearly just throwing words around that rhyme, except for “brah” and “stoppa”

10. I’m Gudda Gudda, I put her under, I see me with her, no Stevie Wonder, She don’t even wonder, cause she know she bad, And I got her, n****. Grocery bags – Gudda Gudda – “Bedrock”

Since I first heard this song, I NEVER understood the reference between 'getting a woman' and 'grocery bags'.

11. I’m hot cuz I’m fly, you aint cuz you not. – M.I.M.S. – “This Is Why I’m Hot”

That would be a very true statement, except…who remembers M.I.M.S. outside of this song?


12. “I’ma go hard like a mother****** boner. – Will.I.Am – “The Hardest Ever”

Let's face it he isn’t even trying here...

13. Swagger tighter than a yeast infection, Fly, go hard, like geese erection. – Lil Wayne – “Dr. Carter”

Since when are Yeast Infections tight and has he literally seen a geese erection?

14. Rock Star, I’m flyer then an Ostrich – Juelz Santana – “Black Republicans Remix”

There is no WAY somebody didn’t mention to Juelz that they don’t actually fly!

15. She got a big booty, so I call her Big Booty – 2 Chainz – “Birthday Song”

At this point, I feel like I’m putting more work into explaining why this is a bad lyric then 2 Chainz did writing it.

16. Quack Quack to a duck and a chicken too, put the hyena in a freakin zoo – Nicky Minaj – “Roman Holiday”

When in doubt for filler, go to Old McDonald songs.

17. Mama, you can f*ck like a rabbit, but no diamonds, no carats. – Pitbull – “Have Some Fun”

First of all, this doesn’t rhyme. Second, he just straight up admits there is nothing in it for her.

18. Me who? Please boo. Landin’ in that G2, same color as beef stew, favorite letters G Q – Camron

This is rhyming 101, simplest syllable count, random thoughts thrown together.

19. Momma Black Daddy Black, Uncle Black, Granny Black, catch me in a Cadillac – Dorrough – “Ice Cream Paint Job Remix”

Noo, you dont say! Thank you for your family history with an additional non relevant car mention.


20. Titanic swag like I’m standing on a boat – Soulja Boy – “Ice Cream Paint Job Remix”

The Titanic sank…but he must have known that because so did his career.

21. Chicken, Rotisserie, we can make it snow mother*cker better bring your skis – Jim Jones – “Ice Cream Paint Job Remix”

He just literally says a type of chicken and jumps ship to an obscure cocaine reference!

22. 38 revolve like the sun around the earth – Jay-Z – “It’s Hot”

Come on Jay-Z, this is Elementary School kind of stuff. How would we be alive?

23. Last name, ever, First name, greatest – Drake “Forever”

Lazy rap delivered tight over a sharp beat doesn’t stray from the fact this line is simplistic garbage.

24. Weezy F baby and the F is for Phenomenal – Lil Wayne –

What does the W stand for? Un-Educated?

25. You might got more cash then me but you aint the skills to eat a n****’s ass like me – CanIBus – “2nd Round Knockout”

This whole track was complete terror for LL Cool J until this one line…

26. Standing at my podium, I’m trying to watch my sodium – Kanye West – “Amazing”

This is simply a statement and nothing more. Thank you for the diet update though.

27. Bitches suck my d**k cause I’m Hannah Montana – Lil B – “I look like Hannah Montana”

I don’t even know where to start here, gender identity issues?

28. Bitch you aint no Barbie, I seen you work at Arby’s – Kreyshawn – “Gucci Gucci"

There has to be an Arby’s Barbie by now right?

29. I live by two words, f*ck you, pay me – Kanye West – “Two Words”

Apparently Kanye and Jay-Z attended the same school. 4 words here Kanye!


30. Take them f*cking clothes off, let me see that donkey kong, now swang your ass back and fourth, back and fourth on my monkey balls – Lil Wayne – “No Worries”

What the hell is a Donky Kong?

31. Shake that laffy taffy – D4L – “Laffy Taffy”

Equating a girl’s behind to the likes of stretchy taffy like substance (which doesn’t shake all that well..)

32. Jumped in my hoopty hoopty hoop, I won that and I aint paid my rent this month, I owe that – Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

Amazing that you have that car to park at the house you don’t own, Yolo right?

33. Okay, bottle, sip, bottle, guzzle, I’m a bad b*itch no muzzle – Nicki Minaj – “Pound The Alarm”

Instructions on how to get alcohol poisoning while calling herself a dog

34. What’s a black Beatle anyway? A fucking roach? I guess that’s why they got me sitting in fucking coach – Kanye West – “Gorgeous”

I actually can’t wrap my head around the stretch for racism here…

35. With him I'm never losin’ and he knows that my name is not Susan – Salt N Peppa – “Whatta Man”

Either Salt and or Peppa have been cheated on constantly or they literally always remind him of their name.


36. I ain't never seen an a** like that. The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go doing-doing-doing – Eminem – “Ass Like That”

Probably Eminem’s lowest point of his career. I’m sure many can agree.

37. Mommy don’t worry I wont abuse it, hurry up and finish so you can watch Clueless – Snoop Dogg – “Beautiful”

This is Mr. 187, apparently in his old age he has become a little soft.

38. House real big, cars real big, belly real big, everything real big – Mannie Fresh – “Real Big”

Will you enjoy all that when your blood pressures real big?

39. You'll get ripped apart, that's it with darts, you kids ain't smart Pop, pop, pop, I lit the dark, from the wizard door, come get some heart – Camron – “Never Scared Remix”

I just……….What?!

40. I’m the MBP, Most Ballinest Playa, make my own moves, call me the mayor – Jermaine Dupri – “Welcome To Atlanta Remix”

Mayors get to make up their own words and this might actually be the closest character to Rob Ford

41. Heels on your feet, strap around your ankles, jaga jaga jaga, call that b*tch Bojangles – Ying Yang Twins – “Salk Shaker”

This isn’t even the English language anymore….

42. You could tell by the way I walk, I aint from round “hurr”, probably couldn’t tell cause I ain’t walking no “wurr” – Murphy Lee– “Midwest Swing”

If you aren’t walking any where then why even bother with the previous statement!

43. I don’t have no trouble with you f*cking me but I have a little problem with you not f*cking me – Old Dirty Bastard – “Baby I Got Your Money”

Possibly one of my favorite ODB lines, it’s just a really good/bad lyric! (R.I.P)

Ol' Dirty Bastard Portrait Session

An artist must be completely happy with what they put out to the public. It is sad to see the unlikely few that have benn granted the platform to express feelings, emotions, views, and above all leadership and mentoring, abuse it for wealth and fame. If at the end of the day it’s all about the “all mighty dollar”, in a movement that’s so important to the masses, then you, the artist, need to “CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF!”

By: Kyle Potter