[Had the pleasure of meeting the humble 28 year old Akua last week for a sit down. The romper wearing, mason jar carrying singer/songwriter was raised in London Ontario, and this girl is all over the place between Toronto, New York, and Montreal. Big Janet fan. Refuses to watch sitcomes. Cause, well, she is afraid of addiction.]

Why did you decide to go blonde?

Hahaha umm I moved to Toronto last fall and was going through a weird shift and everything felt different. People were wearing high heels and lipstick and I thought wow people are actually fly here. So then I started to destroy my hair slowly.

Don't tell me blondes have more fun...

They do lol.

Damnit! lol so you studied international development in school, now applying that to your music career, are you excited about international recognition?

I mean the UK really acknowledges a lot of female singer/songwriters. I would love it if my stuff popped up in the UK. I had some people reach out to me when I released some work last year, asking about UK dates. I definitely look forward to branching out there. Also, it is so much better to tour in Europe because everything is so much closer in proximity.

One’s company” , your latest EP,  has got much well deserved love. Tell me a little about it.

It is my first official EP. I never released anything formerly before that. It is five songs that I co-produced in New York and Montreal. It is a reflection of my early 20’s and trying to be an artist for the first time. The theme is just about establishing you as an independent young female (or male doesn’t matter). It’s about being happy in your own company and believing in what you have to offer and your motivation. A statement of independence.

Deep! And you recently toured a little bit with Solange, Beyoncé’s sister. How? What? Like lol.

The opportunity to open for her came from a contact I had with a venue in Montreal. I did my first solo show at his venue and he continued to put my name in for shows and when Solange came I got the opportunity to work with her! Then they told me if you are going to NY next week, you should audition for back up for her tour. I didn’t think too hard about it to be honest but I auditioned and found out later on that night that ya she was interested, whether that is because I was relevant to her or not I don’t know but yea. It was awesome!


That's amazing. Random question: What is one song that describes you the best?

That is the hardest question in the world lol... ummmmm..

*3 days passed by*

I am so bad at these things. So bad.

Hahahah alright alright what can we expect from Akua in the near future?

Music video! I have a music video coming out for "One’s Company" that we filmed in [SPOILER ALERT]. Much Viral is helping us out with that. I am going to just go back to being an artist and doing a lot of writing this season. This past year has been all business and  a bit of a creative buzz-kill, you know? Too many emails. I really want to shed the outside world a bit and do a lot of writing. And hopefully release something in the spring : )

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