Interview: Toronto's Alexa Ferr

[I sat down with Toronto artist and fashion junky Alexa Ferr to shoot the shit a little while ago and we got to talking. She has recently released her debut EP Lipstick On The Glass followed by her newest mixtape titled Shades Of My Lipstick (The Christmas Treats). Her music is heard around the globe, from Toronto to L.A. and even Brazil!  With The Invaders as her producers, who have worked with the likes of Blake McGrath, Girlicious, and the Pussycat Dolls, it’s obvious that this young Toronto star has an eventful journey up ahead.] alexa ferr

On the creation of her music

"I worked with the invaders and we worked over the course of all of last year . We went into the studio to record a couple songs and it slowly started to turn into an EP because we recorded over 20 songs together. We bonded really well and it was a good connection on a great level. They helped me create a sound that I was proud to put out as an artist and it felt comfortable.  It was me. We worked from scratch. They care about their artists and are really genuine. I am happy I worked with them."

alexa ferr3

On Toronto and her fans

"I find that with every song, different people can relate. I hope that my fans can connect to all the different songs depending on what they are going through. I definitely want to do a lot of shows in Toronto and will always remember that this is the city I grew up in and give back to the community and my fans. I have been flying back and forth to L.A. so much, and I am hoping to bring more performances to Toronto."


alexa ferr2

On changing her image

"I am only 18 and I am trying to find myself  and my style. Just like a regular person my style has changed over the years. As I get older, the more stuff I want to try. When I was 15 I was heading more towards Disney and the younger stuff. This time around I am more moving towards R&B and stuff I was brought up listening too."

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