An Intimate Concert with Allan Rayman [TORONTO]

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending an intimate concert put on by the ever so mysterious Allan Rayman - the latest addition to Communion Records, the independent label founded by Mumford & Sons' Ben Lovett. screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-8-59-15-pm

As we made our way into the The Royal Cinemas, the smell of popcorn took over our senses and like an animal I started to salivate. POPCORN IS LIFE!

I look over my shoulder and see a mariachi band in the corner just going buck on their mariachi instruments. What a treat!  The place was filled with oversized jean jackets and centre parts. The vibe was a mix of excitement and curiosity. What does he have planned? What is about to go down?

I entered the hall and goddamn, it was like I had entered this…. music video of some sorts. I even started walking slower, glancing at passer-bys like ‘you don’t know about THIS’. It was dark, really really dark. The red velvet courtains were the only thing I could see. Socialites of all sorts were walking around in dark shadows, hanging off their friends laughing at inside jokes and twirling their hair with their fingers.

We took our seats near the front of the stage and got cozy. I took a glance at the stage and realized that the show had already began. A few girls dressed in floral wearing wolf masks were sitting on the stage, staring at the audience, dancing, or just waving very creepily and kinda sexy? A very interesting approach that reflects the art direction of his track ‘Beverly”.


The space was filled with the tunes of southern blues and as everyone began to take their seats at the sold out event. The show began. Allan and his Guitarist Jessie Aarons appeared on the stage as the red velvet curtains drew. The stage was dark and empty, with the two artist drenched in the spotlights from above. Allan was carrying a bottle of wine during his entire performance – which made me like him even more. Eventually he took a seat on a stool, which made the event even more intimate.


His fans went crazy for “All at Once” and “22.51” and even stood from their seats to vibe out to the heavy beats, only to be told to sit the f*** down later on lol. The concert was nothing I had experienced before. Allan’s music resonates like a scene in a movie, except it's just audio, with no motion picture. The motion picture is created in the listeners mind, and that is a very rare ability to have as a musician in today's world. I literally sat there while a storyline played in my head. He felt every beat and every sound that was emitted. You could tell he is one with his music, and he is not necessarily 'putting on a performance' for his audience, yet just being and doing what he was put on this planet to do.


The day before the concert, Allan released his new single "Faust Road". It's seductive R&B bass and hip-hop beats underpin vintage synthesizers and elegant, overdriven electric guitar lines in the track. The stimulating audio-visual clip can be seen on

Allan’s upcoming album set for release in early 2017.