Exclusive Interview: SPEK WON

[Myself, Greg, and James met up with Toronto artist Spek Won at U5 Studios in North York last week to catch up and take some photos. Spek is not only a talented artist who is serious about his craft and the quality of his music, but also uses his gift to shine light on issues that effect people within his community. He is as humble as he is generous, and it's our pleasure to feature him as our Artist Of The Month.] Toronto Spek Won

In our last interview, you were feeling the buzz around your latest album Sofa King Amazing and had just been blessed with a little boy. What’s been going on with you since then?

The biggest change right now is that me and the director of the video (Mark Valino) for Black Body just got nominated for a Prism Prize. We heard from them about a week ago, they called us up from CBC this morning to tell us that they will be featuring the song on their radio show, so that’s pretty exciting.

Toronto Spek Won

That’s so dope. What do you have planned going into spring/summer this year?

I will be touring this summer in South Africa, hopefully all over but right now we’re working on getting to Johannesburg. It’ll be my DJ and me, I wanted my partner Shi to come too but the baby is a little too young so I am gonna go alone. I would love to be there for at least two weeks to a month. A month is a long time to stay away from my little boy, but I feel like Africa is calling at the same time.

Toronto Spek Won

Why are you touring in Africa instead of expanding right here in North America?

It’s where I am from so I would love for the support of my continent. We’ve been hitting the pavement out here for a minute in North America and it’s not that they are not feeling us, but I feel like there are certain doors that we should be going through but because we don’t want to compromise our integrity and who we are, we’re not going to take certain routes to ‘make it’. So to stay true to ourselves, we’re like if the climate isn’t ready for us exactly at this moment here, we are going to go to other places that are ready. Right now, Africa is calling.

Toronto Spek Won

Will you be releasing some new tunes for the tour then?

I’ve had a very eventful 2015, it started out very high and ended crazily. On Sept 8 my son was born and about 2 months later my elder sister passed away from Cancer. Just recently we got back from Jamaica. It was a trip that I had planned on taking my elder sister to with me, but unfortunately she didn’t make it. I remember when we spoke she used to always say it would be nice to take that trip so that she could dip her toes in the sand, so when I went there I put my toes in the sand and wrote her name in the sand. That was for her. Toronto Spek Won

To me, Jamaica reminds me of Ghana. Same vibe, same interaction. A lot of people I see there, look like a different version of people I know back in Ghana. Every now and then I see a Ghanaian last name on a Jamaican, and it’s so dope. All in all it’s been crazy and I’ve had very little time. I plan on resuming soon though. Even when I am not creating in the studio or writing, I am creating in my head. In a perfect world, I will have another project out for the summer. I have the momentum and I feel very creative.

You know the last time we spoke you were super soft spoken and non-talkative. I had maybe 3 panic attacks thinking I didn’t have enough material for our interview but we made it through. But this time you are totally different and bringing a new energy lol.

I was high the last time we spoke that’s why, the weather was nice and I was high lol it was chill.

Omg, ok that makes so much sense now.

Toronto Spek Won

Photography: Xxist Forever

Creative Direction & Editing: Gregory Charles of Kadlife