Better Together - Me & We

Togetherism. If Oxford adds 'whatevs' to the dictionary, I get to have 'togetherism'.

Togetherism - to me - because it's my word - is the practice, philosophy, or idea that 'we' belong. And that together, 'we' are better.

Who is we? You, me, animals, trees – all of us. Each and every single living thing. Except Trump. Trump is not ‘we’. Neither is Hillary... George Soros… the Rothschilds … I’m really contradicting myself here…

Okay – Togetherism!

Most of us don't understand the significance of being with others -- never mind the significance of just 'being'.

But I'm not the Dalai Lama so let's stick with the former and leave the latter for you to figure out yourself.

It's great to have alone time, meditate, unplug from everyday life and embrace the stillness or quiet. But, you can't tell me it's natural or healthy to be separated.

You can't tell that to science either. There are countless variations of beliefs and scientific theories that don’t only suggest, but support the notion that we are all connected.

Not just because we’re humans, but because it is the basis of the entire universe.

Us and Them.

Nearly all societies breed separatism by means of religion, politics, socioeconomic class, Tupac or Biggie, etc.  And they succeed.

That's why there's apartheid in occupied Palestine, Third World kids slaving away to make your precious goods, and millions 'voting' to take the red or the blue pill. (Republican or Democrat for those reading this with the fluoride stare)

But more importantly, Kim Kardashian got robbed in Paris. The irony is thirst quenching (Kanye now hates his own song), but is this really what we’re talking about?

I use 'we' loosely as it's the very thing we are lacking. There is almost always an 'us' and (versus) 'them' scenario. I guess that’s what makes it so easy to stuff our faces, fill our shopping bags, and watch the news.

We aren’t the ones getting injected with swimming pools of growth hormones before getting slaughtered mercilessly.

We aren’t the ones putting laces in running shoes for 18 hours a day in hopes of eating rice for dinner at least twice this week.

We aren’t the ones praying that the next air strike doesn’t drop on our heads like it did to our mother and father.

#takemeback #livelovelaugh #like4like

We aren’t them.

Multinational corporations, banks, and the ruling class create situations to take advantage of people’s apathy, desperation, and loose laws with no one to answer to.

Faster, cheaper, by any means necessary. What’s for dinner? We don’t want to be informed! We want to be entertained!! Now dance for me!!

There is a great degree of systematic separation between us… and them. The clothes we buy, the food we eat, and the media we absorb are all packaged neatly - ready for us to consume.

We are not connected to the process by any means. But we are comfortable in our little bubbles, aren’t we? Is that why we have such an influx of mentally and physically ill people?

Did we really expect humanity to go through gradual enslavement and detachment to living things without consequence?

There is a shift happening as a significant number of retailers and consumers are now making conscious choices and have taken to higher ground, where there is a huge market for good people wanting to make a difference.

We choose how we spend our money and contrary to popular belief, it counts more than any vote ever will.


Loving ourselves has become a form of resistance. And even that movement has become commercialized, packaged, and sold back to us. Let that sink in.

Coca-Cola commercials are never about coke. They’re about striking your most vulnerable emotional chord, resurfacing memories, and gazing at amazingly good looking people.

Corporations are selling feelings. FEELINGS.

Everything around us says ‘you are less’  and ‘you need more’. We’re investing in the wrong places with the wrong currency.

This is why the union of two people – even families - has become increasingly difficult. We are hardly satisfied with ourselves – never mind others, and live in a society that divides us like the dollar bill said it would.

People are freakishly attached to their smartphones and it has become their ‘escape’ from social situations. Your phone doesn’t care what you look like or judge you or smell your farts. I get it.

However… A recent study revealed there are dudes in Japan right now who have virtual girlfriends and they like it better that way. Like how bad are your farts at that point. We’re going to lose Japan ladies and gentlemen.

The next time you’re at a bar or restaurant, take a look around… People can hardly be alone without reaching for their phones. Friends, couples, and families.

Sure technology is great, but we are forgetting what it is to be human.

Eye contact is rare. Too awkward.

Language is dying because we use eggplants to tell people how we feel.

Meeting your significant other on the street is almost unheard of. A computer algorithm tells you who your type is. Send them an eggplant.

We have never been so connected yet disconnected at the same time.

We are all citizens of the world and living together is our challenge. And every single time I ride the TTC, I eat my words.

Back to being serious so I can wrap this up and commute home with my headphones on, looking at the floor.

The next time you connect with another person, think about why you did it. And the next time you choose not to connect with another person, think about why you didn’t do it.

Then say hello to your ego for me.

We’re consciously making decisions about each other – about ourselves, in a sub-conscious state - like sleeping sheep, while forgetting…

We are them. And they are us.


Sweet Dreams / Stay Woke.