Bey Bey Vs RiRi Event Review


This event promised a night of Rihanna and Beyonce, and the review can be summed up in one link: So I walk in to this "All Beyonce and Rihanna" event on Saturday with the crew, anticipating a night of booty shaking with a Barbadian swagger to the songs of the two musical female icons that most adore. I am a HUGE Rihanna fan, but figured 'hey, tolerate Beyonce's voice for half the time, it's worth hearing that many Rihanna songs in a row, where else are you gonna get that?? Stop being a dumb bitch."

The event was held at Studio Bar in Toronto, a cute joint on Dundas with exposed brick and local art. Drinks were generous in size, and the staff was super friendly. The lineup wrapped around the block and ended in Russia at 10:45 pm and was about 4 people wide. Studio Bar has a capacity of 300....1,700 people RSVPd to the event & it seemed like every single one had actually shown up. HOLY F! Guess people want to hear Rihanna and Beyonce. 

Ok where was I? Oh yeah, so I enter & pay my $10 door cover to show my appreciation for the work put into throwing the event. Throwing events are hard people!  I mean there are NOT many places where you can go listen to Rihanna and Beyonce for that long right?

Yup, and let me tell you something, there still isn't.

They played like ...4 Rihanna songs. Beyonce music videos played on the screen for about 99% of the event. And when Beyonce wasn't playing...Bieber was....Why are we playing Bieber over and over and over again? What does he have to do with this? This is none of his business. And they kept playing 'Sorry' too.... like Justin didn't even wanna do it he was uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Between Beyonce, Rihanna, and Destiny's Child, you have about 20 albums worth of music that you can play. Let's say on average there is 10 songs per album, thats 200 songs.... and let's say that on average each song  is 3 minutes long....that's 600 MINUTES worth of music!!! That's 10 hours worth of music!!! And i'm not even going to get started on remixes or features.

All in all it was a good night given the turnout and the fact that the place was so hot that the walls were literally sweating on me. The next one will probably be bigger and even better so arrive early if you plan on avoiding lines.

If you were a Beyonce fan, you got the better end of the stick. 

If you stumbled in line drunk not knowing what the hell is going on, you were confused and afraid.

If you were a Rihanna fan- you drank the pain away and wished for better days.