Interview: Toronto's BLONDE ELVIS

(Indie:  An obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.) 

Next stop on the Toronto Indie train: Blonde Elvis

Making the transition from the darker post-punk project Young Mother to the now celebrated Blond Elvis, this band has been endearing many music fans across Toronto. Their newest single “Fit for her” is described as pop-y with some whirling melodies, great texture, and thoughtful lyrics. I had the chance to sit with Jesse James Laderoute, the creator and lead vocalist of Blonde Elvis, to talk a little about the band before their much anticipated performance at the STEAM WHISTLE UNSIGNED event.


“It’s a good time for Toronto; we are putting out some world class records. A band like Metz, to be as popular as they are, it's really good for the city. A lot of the times, Toronto is known for being very cliquey but there are a lot of Toronto bands that are not like that at all. The landscape is starting to reflect that and they are doing really well internationally. If I could change anything, it would be the pay, Toronto doesn’t pay bands really well, cab fare isn’t enough lol. We approached the UNISIGNED event because they treat the bands so well and it’s a great opportunity to play for potentially new fans."


"We just put out single 'Fit for her' yesterday and are planning on putting out another single within a month or so and a record will follow within the year. I like to think that our songs are thoughtful and more content driven. It is really about the idea of performance being a way to release yourself, and if that means just getting drunk and having fun, then do that. That comes across at our shows a lot, a big celebration."



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Photography: Nick Merzetti