Bonobo Shares Video for “No Reason” featuring Nick Murphy


Bonobo has released his sixth studio album and one of his most personal works to date-- Migration-- an exquisitely delicate record that explores the relationship between transience and identity. Building on the record's success comes the music video for recent single No Reason, featuring vocals by longtime friend and now collaborator Nick Murphy (formerly Chet Faker). Oscar Hudson (Pulse Films), the UK Music Video Awards’ ‘Best New Director’ winner, is the maestro behind the video’s bizarre trip. More akin to that of an art piece than a music video, the work takes subtle cues from such iconic films as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ & ‘Birdman' as its character grows larger inside a Japanese house whose items shrink and expand through time. The video fits neatly into the album’s themes of the transitory relationships to place and time, seen with Art Director Neil Krug’s distorted realities in the Mojave Desert for the art and “Break Apart” video and also Bison’s work on the Gemma Arterton featuring visuals for “Kerala”.

The music video was filmed entirely in real life, in-camera with no post work or VFX, to which the end result is an effortlessly fluid and visually mesmerizing experience.

Watch No Reason below: