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Janet Jackson, TLC and Brandy: all iconic names in the 90s that any young girl who surrounded herself with music would look up to. Ever since Chattrisse was six, it was evident she wanted to be a singer. She was a member of her church children's choir and by the age of 10 she had written her first song. The line she would repeat to everyone that asked what she wanted to do was “I am going to be a singer/songwriter; I am going to move to Atlanta and record with Usher and TLC.” And since then she has not strayed away. After Brandy released her first album, Chattrisse knew the opportunity was there. By surrounding herself with music and musical influencers, the door was wide open for this energetic soul. Chattrisse has never shied away from the music scene; she went on after high school to attend Ryerson University where she extended her knowledge of music having the opportunity to study in the Radio and TV Arts program.

And the infatuation with music hasn’t stopped since. Chattrisse is a young, driven professional who continually does everything she can to make her mark in the music industry. Chattrisse loves to express the feelings she has inside to people who are on the outside at the same time. All of her music is influenced by something from the city of Toronto, the place she is proud to call home. Gospel, reggae, soca can all be heard in Chattrisse’s music. Not only does she pay a lot of attention to her lyrics, ballads are practically her strong suit. In November 2010, Chattrisse had the opportunity to perform at the historic Massey Hall. 100 performers put on a show- singing all of the feel good songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s where they raised money for an orphanage. Having the opportunity to perform at Massey Hall was monumental for this youthful performer. And not only does Chattrisse focus on just one talent, you can also find Chattrisse acting in her hometown. Currently, she is working on collaborating with other artists, working on music with other writers and she also aspires to try to write country music.

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During our interview, I asked Chattrisse “What advice could you give younger kids aspiring to be in the music industry?” And her answer- so real and so in check with what kids usually forget these days. Chattrisse first told me “Specifically, work on your talent and your craft. If you are an aspiring ballet dancer - take as many classes as you can. If you are a drummer - well your neighbors will have to deal with it for a bit!” She stressed that as much as talent is a key, focus on having the right help or doing the right things behind the scenes.

If you stand out and treat yourself as a brand then you have the opportunity to be destined for success. And personally I cannot agree with her more. The music industry is a small tight-knit community and if you burn a bridge with one person, it can hurt you down the road.

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