Interview: Toronto's Chris DiPardo a.k.a R33SON


[Del had the chance to sit down with the producer Chris DiPardo a.k.a R33SON from Mississauga, Ontario. Although punctuality is not his strong point, he makes up for it in his music productions. Looking forward to future tracks!]

Why did you decide to start producing? I joined a band called Dorian Gray.. It's a Metal band and for about four years we started building us and did some traveling and tours across the states but we fell apart. So I decided I was going to start producing music. I didn't release anything right away, I spent a couple years taking tutorials and using my schooling to try and come up with my own sound. I took the time to actually perfect the skills until I felt like I was ready.

Why Dubstep though?

It spoke to me the most because it was the closest thing to metal, which is what I was comfortable writing. I do everything, up to making my own instrumentals. So not only do I make the melodies, record the songs, mix it and all that, I also make every synthesizer in the song from scratch.

What programs do you use?

I use Ableton to arrange the songs and then MASSIVE, MFA and Razor to make the actual instruments. If you take presets of what others made, which is what many people do, you end up sounding like everyone else. But when you get to the point of making your own instruments, your fans get to be more familiar with your sound.

You've recently released your newest album, Robots vs. Aliens. Tell me a little about that.

It took a little under a year to make the album. At first I was just releasing singles, but I kept getting emails saying I should group the songs together. So I was like why not make a whole album and release my first full length album. Cause it's usually EPs right? But I was like this could be interesting.

How did you come up with the title?

Some guy asked me once in the studio what makes me happy, and I was like Music. And he asked me what does my music sound like, I'm like it sounds like robots fighting aliens... then I was like that would be a cool album title!

That's pretty awesome. Which song gave you the hardest time on this album?

I would say Save the Night, because I was singing on it and I don't sing lol . I had to practice for a month before I recorded the vocals.

Why did you decide to sing on it if you don't know how to sing ?

I actually just wanted to try it. I like how it turned out I was surprised.

You have a US tour coming up right?

Yes US tour coming up in October. It is a little under three weeks, from New York all the way up around to Texas, Atlanta, Florida to L.A and Vegas and it ends in Denver. Loops around east coast to west coast and the south. Stay Soul Fresh is also touring with me.

They recently asked Dillon Francis on LESS THEN 3 how he would incorporate a 1000 cats into his live show. You being philanthropic with the Animal Humane Society, specifically in regards to stray cats, I feel like it's a fitting question to ask as well. So, how would you incorporate a 1000 cats into your show.

Omg.... Umm I would make a border of cat food around the stage and have them wear glow necklaces and run around me.

That's pretty good. I'd be down for that show.

Me too.

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