Interview: Toronto's CUGINI


[Met up with Adam and Luca of CUGINI this month at their studio in Toronto to chat about their music and the buzz they have been creating around the city.]

What's Cugini?

"It started as a collective of many producers and writers, and then back in February we wrote Love Undercover and we were both in another band at the time called the WET BANDITS. I told Luca I really think we should shoot a video. We did and the video started to get a lot of attention and then we're like...we should do this. Don’t listen to what anyone has to say. If you feel like you are doing something right, just do it. Be honest and true. Just do it."


Striving to work with...

"We do produce for other artists, like Stereos. And we have done some major projects for some people at YM and Universal. We have also worked with Jerzee. Super humble guy, punk rocker. Working with him was an honor for us and it was a great experience. Skrillex and Diplo are producers we would love to work with. I love their ideas and I don’t think that you need to just press a button on stage to make people respect what you do. There is a lot that goes on behind stage and I know Skrillex, specially with his newest album RECESS, puts his heart and creative energy into it. We respect that. I also love Zedd, his production skills are amazing." - Adam Producer


"Realism is coming back. EDM is dying. The festivals will always be big, don’t think they will die but people are getting sick of it. As musicians you have to be able to look into the future and see what’s next. Real music is coming back. Realism is in." - Adam Producer

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Currently listening to?

“Currently on my playlist is a lot of Beatles. I grew up listening to them I love them. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite artist right now. I like a bunch but no one really stands out. Going back to real music. The Beatles were real." - Luca Vocals


What to expect before 2015

"Before 2015 we want to put out the EP EXPOSED and to release the video for Converse Girl (shot by Reclaim the Future). There are 5 tracks on the EP and we may put a bonus track on there we aren’t sure yet. Make every day count you know?" - Luca Vocals

Shout outs: DIIA and Crystalyne