Event Review: Digital Dreams Festival 2014


Last weekend, the people at Electronic Nation blessed the city for the third time with the Digital Dreams Festival at Molson Ample Theater. The two day event featured 5 stages that hosted world renowned DJs (as well as some Toronto grown talent), as their biggest fans took in what may have been the best day of their life. Dinosaurus-rex-digital-dreams-2014-toronto-edm-0337

One thing that stands out the most at this festival to a fan like me was the hospitality of the fans. Whether they were drunk, high, half passed out. It didn’t matter; every staff member was there to ensure that everyone was having a great time, which fed into the overall energy of the place.


For one thing, fans were able to bring in water bottles. Genius.There were free water stations, and a “cool down room” that did the opposite of a sauna. Medical staff and security were seen everywhere, which created a feel of safety.Also, the no cash no hassle was an awesome way of freeing up your hands from carrying a clutch or a back bag, since all your money was loaded onto a wristband.


On the Sunday, it rained. This may have been a disastrous event for the vendors, especially those selling clothing and attire, but for the fans, this meant jumping in puddles and wet t-shirt make-outs. The experience was heightened that much more, and the rainbow against the pink sky definitely added to the exploding imaginative minds of those who 'experimented' that day.


"Toronto music scene is on fire right now, there is so much talent in the scene and there is so much histroy here that it's no surprise to me that the talent here is world class. " Joel Smye, Co-Owner


The Djs were incredible, (Bro safari killed it at The House of Boom), with the encore to the festival being delivered by the much anticipated Tiësto. But the music aside, the event was much more than that. From electric looing dancers & crazy costumes to humongous stages and floating balloons across the water, the visual aspect of Digital Dreams delivered just as much as the auditory aspect. Kudos to everyone who was involved with the event. Till Next year!29



ps. We saw every type of person we predicted in the "9 people you will see at digital dreams", except for a midget lol.