Does Anybody Write Real Sh*t Anymore? "I just wanna be Liked"


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the question is, are those words worthy of a thousand lies or a thousand truths? Taking pictures is a habit that has formed into a daily routine, and how we share them is the root of how we want the world to recieve us. But is the perception you broadcast a truth or a lie?

This is why success is a flawed attribute in how we perceive its value. We often believe that the validation of how others perceive our success outweighs the value of how we perceive our success.

I believe that this is the source that runs the river into a lake called Instagram. The validation of success in our society has come down to how many double taps you can get. Since when did a 'Like' outweigh the self validation of a completed goal?

"I wonder how many likes the new photos of my shoes got...lemme check.. 9! well that sucks... do people think they suck? maybe they think I suck. I guess these shoes aren't that nice...*sigh* *tosses shoes to corner of like-less instagram attire*"

We even manipulate the picture to make the perception of our deed greater than what actually is. Are you showing off your post-gym body because you are proud of the relentless hard workout you just did, or did you post the picture because you wanted 'Likes'. Would the workout still matter if you didn't post a pic? Would you even be working out if there wasn't an Instagram. I don't know about you guys, but I have noticed an upward correlating trend between the popularity of Instagram and people calling themselves 'Crossfit experts'.

Not saying don't post the five star meal you just made or don't post the picture from the top of the mountain after your long hike. Post what you like! Where it becomes a problem is when the value of the amount of 'Likes' received on your post outweigh the value of the actual deed. So the next time you are doing an activity ask yourself...Is this for myself...or is this for the gram? Once you have an understanding of whose 'Like' matters the will find out that the rest don't matter.