Does Anybody Write Real Sh*t Anymore? Sex & Love Edition


No pictures here. Just words. Can you handle it?

As culture and perception changes over the generations, so does our relationship with love and sex and how we acquire it. We as a society have grown more liberal when it comes to sexuality, and you would be lead to believe that love would be on a parallel course. But it seems as if the more comfortable we get with our sexuality the more distant love seems to be from it.

Why do we have to shut off our emotional facilities in order to live a more sexually free life? Is it rooted in the fear of attachment which can lead to hurt? Fear can manipulate you into believing hurt will come to you if love is shown and the desired objective is not shared. It can also make you believe love is weak and a sign of weakness. Allowing the perception that harm is a higher prospect instead of love in return. If you are about to share the most intimate physical act with somebody it shouldn’t be a distant leap to share the most intimate emotional connection. Is your heart not a part of your body? Therefore it too should be fulfilled and shouldn’t affection come before physical fulfillment. What is anything if not done with love, especially when sensuality is being shared it gives you the most powerful feeling the human race has ever known. I find people become misguided in the misleading philosophy that love is an intangible contract on future invested time. That through the act you have allowed a window for an extended attachment. You can share affection with someone  for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, but how ever long its desired duration...make it with your whole heart!

Don’t get me wrong  I’m not saying your heart and love are disposable. They have value and therefore should be reflected by someone that shows reciprocation and admiration. It could be one, it could be few or it could be many, but make it with love. Be kind, be honest, show them respect, even hold them and give them a little cuddle. But most of all show gratitude that they found something so desirable in you, that they decided that in that moment in time, you are the one person they wanted to share themselves with.