Interview: Toronto's EhhJay

[Chatted with Toronto rapper EhhJay a little while ago. He didn’t make tea for me. But we did talk about what life could really be for me. His track ‘Get it’ produced by AlterEgo from The Runners – who has recently visited Dj Khaled in Miami-  is getting a positive response so far from the Toronto music scene. This youngen has pretty impressive flow with an aggressive passion for the game that comes through in his voice. Excited for future releases.]

About ‘Get it’

"Basically get it. If there is something I want to obtain, I know it’s not going to be easy I have to put in the work to do it. Very motivational. AlterEgo sent me a couple beats but this one really stood out to me. It is my first original over a year, first time I sang on a track. Very different from the ones I have done before."

About Not Selling Out

"It is going to be a tough fight staying righteous to yourself and your words. You talk about money cars and girls and you receive money cars and girls. When you become mainstream it becomes different. I am going to try my best to write music that can actually change someone’s life. I had a friend who came up to me and said your music speaks to me and has done a lot for me. That really touched me. I know all things are possible through god, and that is the side I need to stay on."

About EhhJay vs. Them Other Toronto Rappers

"This year is about putting out solid music and a positive message. I am trying to gain the respect from the Toronto hip hop community. Goal is to get my name out there. In Toronto people want to collaborate, but there is a lot of rankings. Like an upper-hierarchy, people only work together if it benefits them. There are a lot of young cats out there right now. You can have a really good product, but networking skills is key. I want to make sure my music is as good as it could be, so that when I send it out it doesn’t look like a joke. I want to preach more art. The 'singing' of rap seems to get out there more. We as Toronto don’t have a Kendrick Lamar or a J.Cole. The art of it . The art should be out there more. We need an actual artist, like a rap legend. I’m trying to be that."

For more EhhJay Tunes, visit Soundcloud.