There are many reasons to visit Hanlan's Point when you are in Toronto: the sand, the water, the naked people sprawled across the sand toasting their butts and reading books. But the good people of Coda, Platform and Embrace turned Hanlan's Point into a giant stomping ground for all techno and house music fans out there for Canada Day and gave us one more reason to want to visit the island. Similar to last year, the weather was messed up. The rain poured throughout most of the afternoon but that didn’t stop the ferry service from transporting thousands of fans to the island across the water. As the sun began to creep through the sky, the warm weather began to engulf the festival and dry up everyone’s panties. But with all rainstorms, mud was a huge factor. That didn’t stop true fans from listening to their favourite DJs while barefoot and 2 feet deep in mud, just wildin’ out. EI_mud

We took a Tiki Taxi over to the island cause we are boujy.

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When we got to the island, there was not a single person in sight. Ok I lie, there was like 3 people walking. I was like…what the hell? Is this a prank? Am I on the wrong island? Is Trump really running for president?? But as I began to calm down, I started to hear the bass in the distance, and I followed it. When I was in line, I kept hearing people freaking out about being on an island. First of all, I go to the island on the reg, so I didn’t know what the big deal was. Then I realized that these people were traveling here from Montreal, Dublin, and Calgary. I guess being on an island is everyday swag for us Toronto-nians, but from an outsider’s perspective, it’s something to really go off on snapchat about. EI_girl dancing

Once we got in, it was a different type of feel because it had a very backyard party look to it. There were food trucks and food tents and picnic benches and people sprawled across their picnic blankets. The air smelled of barbecue, and SPIN Toronto provided some ping pong tables as well. All the while the hair on your arms raised from goosebumps as a result of heavy bass diffused into your surroundings.EI_Pingpong

I scuffed down the last bite of my mango jerk chicken sandwich from Come and Get it and began walking towards trouble aka. the bar. 4 tequila shots later, we were ready for the vibes. EI_hat

Tale of Us crept on around 7 pm and destroyed their set. After having officially their launched new label called Afterlife last month and releasing a 10 track compilation called Realm of Consciousness, they revealed that they are working on a new EP which s to be released before the end of this year.


Being Canada day, there were red and white flags everywhere. They were flaring in the sky, they were worn on hats, they were work on outfits, they were used as ponchos, they were used as blankets, they were everywhere. It was beautiful to see so much patriotism. The stage was decorated in the patriotic colors and dancers as well. All in all the event was awesome, and there is no doubt the next one on Civic holiday (August 1st) is going to be even better.

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Photography by Ded Agency


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Photography by Ded Agency Photography by Ded Agency Photography by Ded Agency Photography by Ded Agency Photography by Ded Agency Photography by Ded Agency