Event Review: Thugli & Grandtheft

No ones getting into a fight tonight. People are way too into the music to worry about their egos. And they damn well should be. The Hoxton did us good, once again.     




Toronto known producers Thugli came out around midnight STRONG and injected our ears with some red bull infused music. Like two symphony conductors - the crowd's energy was in their control. I'm talking Chris Angel shit. They do what Thugli tells them to do - and they like it.


Thugli fits.All the flavours of music come together effortlessly. Kind of like Toronto - no screwface. This duo is more natural than left foot, right foot. Mad scientists I tell ya.




Well... it was definitely grand, although there was no theft of any kind. The crowd was jamming! There was so much jam - peanut butter saw the pics on Facebook the next morning like "wtf... they didn't even invite me?!?!"


Music has a lot of influence over its audience - especially live music. So just imagine how the person feels who's making it. It's like giving birth but without the divorce, weight gain, and stretch marks. Grandtheft makes music babies cus baby makin is just what he do.


Just ask the girls who were trying to twerk on stage before Security called Drake to help them down and get their lives together. Another Toronto gem making a name for the city we love.

It was a damn good night. Iscreammusic told you so.