Interview: Toronto's Farahri


(Ed Note: On June 26, 2013, Farahri was generous enough to spend time with me in speaking about her newest single “Shake your body”, which is picking up hype all over the globe. The well rounded, and spiritual, international pop star gave some insight on how the song came about, what it was like working with Gyptian, and where she plans on taking it from here. Make sure you got your seat belt on, because this sassy lady is about to take it to the next level. Zoom Zoom!)

Having been working on this track for a while, how would you describe the final release of “Shake your body”?

I actually did the track two years ago and we did a couple remixes along the way, but the most recent one was Babyboi and Tinman. I like it because just has that cool urban dance energy with a nice build up and a unique flavour.

And not to mention Gyptian.

Yeah, then Gyptian came to the studio and when he heard the song, he was like 'that's a really cool track!' From what I have heard from his music, he hasn't done a lot of dance stuff so I was kind of surprised that he was interested, but obviously very willing to put him on the track.

How was it like working with him?

He was really cool to be with in the studio. So chill and laid back, and I find it very fascinating how Jamaican artists work. A lot of them just go into the booth and write as they sing which is so cool. When the end result came out I was like 'I love this version so much more than the original its not even funny.'

And its been doing quite well too.

Yes, people seem to like it! The video has been picked up by several television stations in Jamaica and around the world already and we are so thankful! I embrace it and count my blessings. I can't wait to perform with him again. It was a very cool experience.

You can hear a big blend of genres and cultures on your tracks and this adds to the “international pop star” label that you have been given over time. Is this something that you do on purpose or has it just happened to be this way?

I think this is really my niche. I can bring and blend different cultures together because it gives a unique flavour that everyone can then relate to. Another awesome cultural collaboration I did was with Choclair and Fire Lion on my Anokhi Awards opening performance of Dance The Night Away. This was a dance pop song where the remix had Choclair's original hip hop verse and the Fire Lion's dancehall verse. It was a really cool blend of cultural influences and musical genres which was so exciting.

Has the Indian community been supportive of your work?

I'm Indian, and I'm part of the Indian community and Yes, they have been really good. I always want to make sure that the beauty and the richness of my Indian culture somehow comes through me as an artist, and I would love to work with producers that can mix both genres really well.

Its just so sexy.

Yeah like the stuff Timberland use to do like Dance Indian stuff or R&B Indian stuff. I'm just an international person. As much as I am Indian that may be the dominant factor, but I definitely plan on continuing to blend different cultures as the journey unfolds down the road, absolutely.

Speaking of collaborations, if you could bring anyone from the dead and do a collab with who would it be?

Michael Jackson. Definitely Michael Jackson. I would debate Whitney, but Michael was a genius. He was so engrossed in the industry and was always forward thinking when it came to music. Just a legend.

And in the living world? I have a lot of tracks that would suit the energy of Pitbull. And I definitely have my eye on artists that are different like I would want to sit with artists that are really passionate about it and push artistic boundaries.

So where does it go from here?

We are just gonna keep it going. We are working on our next song that we are releasing soon called “Get Loca.”

Are you focusing on singles? I would like to release and album in the future, and have a physical thing to hold on to. I mean albums are great but they are kind of obsolete now. That being said, I have been toying around with some ideas as to how I would make an album, but I'm not in a rush for that. Right now I'm focusing on putting out great music and working with some really good songwriters and producers. I feel like we are really moving forward in the right direction.

Fill in the blank: Without music I would be ______.


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