One of the best summer parties has officially come to a close last week at Hanlan Island in Toronto. This summer, we have definitely taken on the role of a festival junky and attended a bunch of music festivals big and small. Being the final Electric Island festival of 2016 on labour day weekend, expectations were as high as everyone who attended. Despite the fact that the set times were not made apparent, the event actually went really, really well across all days. The high temperatures allowed for the music fans to dance all day and night. The laid back and light attitude of the crowd contributed to a charming experience overall. And the memorable roster was mostly European: Loco Dice, Bicep, Dixon, Justin Martin, and Fatima Yamaha.

This was a festival fueled largely by a love for music and an attention to detail, which resulted in the magical days that Electric Island boasted upon us during summer sixteen. Thank you to the good people of CodaPlatform and Embrace.

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