Interview:Montreal's Florence K


The reds and browns may keep you snug, but blue is the real color of warmth this fall. Florence K released her heart-break album I’m Leaving You on October 8th with much appraise. The singer-songwriter has recently signed to Universal Music Canada in hopes of reaching a larger audience and branching out nationwide.

It’s teamwork and I like that. I have an awesome Manager and she does a lot of work with Universal and so far, it has been great! They came to me and said they want to sign me. Working under a label is awesome and has many misconceptions.

I had the pleasure of meeting Florence following her live performance at the Waterfall Stage in Toronto last week. The suit-wearing, scotch drinking dwellers of the financial district gathered around as she performed several songs from her album, including ‘Remember Me’ and ‘I Like You As A Friend’ (we have all been there before...). Although reluctant at first, the crowd started sing along about hallway through her performance as her sensual music seeped into their souls.


Seeing her sit behind her slick black piano wearing  a matching sequenced outfit that shined just as much as her companion instrument, I started to see the passion pour through onto the keys one song after the next, especially during her Spanish tunes. Yes. She sings in many languages.

I love singing in English because it’s the blues standards, but Spanish is so dramatic and romantic and melodramatic! It’s so fun singing in Spanish. But I can't chose. I sing in Span-glish.

As she finished off her performance with 'You’re Breaking My Heart', I put my CD down and joined the crowd in a well-deserved round of applause. What an exciting Tuesday for the financial district of Toronto! Fans lined up in eagerness for her to sign CDs and take pictures as several security guards stood by.

This album is different from previous albums in both my personal and professional life. I wanted to break away from the Cuban music vibe but keep the roots of my music. A couple years ago, everything just went bad and when I got out of that, I started to work on this album, so I Am Leaving You is about leaving all of that. That’s what heart breaks are for…to write songs.


Having done a lot of traveling and establishing roots between the two large cities, Florence dished out some opinions on the music scene in Toronto compared to that in Montreal. Despite the fact that it’s fairly young, Toronto’s music scene is reaching far and out, with bands and musicians from all over Canada migrating to be a part of the cities explosive display of talent.

I think that the Montreal music scene has a huge indie movement going on right now. There is a big hipster movement as well and the whole scene is more oriented towards Europe and France, where as Toronto is more oriented towards America and even Latin America…I was born in Montreal, but conceived in Toronto. There is a huge feeling of love in Toronto. It is definitely the place for blues, after Harlem.

Florence is now back in Montreal promoting her new album and performing at various venues city wide, but I am certain that we will see more of her in Toronto very soon. I mean I walked into Indigo the other day and already saw her; a neatly packaged CD on the shelf.


Figure It Out,