Interview: Toronto's Geneva


Having come a LONG way from singing at the Hamilton Children’s Choir and recording raps on her computer, Toronto’s own singer/songwriter Geneva has dropped her newest single 'Daydreaming' on Tuesday May 28, 2013. A Hip-Hop and RnB feel with an Electro spin, Geneva’s tunes are catchy and full of soul. Her voice has a soft and tender quality that surrounds you with every echo of her words, accompanied by a sexy and sultry raspy twist that sets her apart from other artists.

Lets just say if Diana Krall and Norah Jones had a baby, Geneva would be that melodic child.


Revisiting her roots in Toronto after a long stay in Van City, Geneva began releasing material steadily (you can thank the energy and vibrancy of Toronto for that). Her first mixtape and solo project ‘Love sick’ was released in October 2012 and was heavily praised as she performed at “IndieWeek” at the Drake Underground.

“Being an underground artist has both its advantages and disadvantages. I would love to start reaching a larger audience”

Hopes of opening up for legendary artists like Sade and Erykah Badu might become a reality sooner than rather than later if she continues to produce tracks like 'Uncomplicated' and her newest single 'Daydreamin'.

“There is a cool story behind writing 'Daydreaming'. I actually wrote the first draft in Hamilton when I had just come back from Vancouver. I was working with a couple of guys on the concept and originally I had it as “sprung on you” but we ended up scrapping that and going with “daydreaming” instead cause it turned out that T-pain has a song called 'I’m sprung' hahah”

Geneva has worked with the likes of JUNO/Grammy winner Chin Injeti, JUNO Nominated music producer/songwriter Ron Allen, and electronic producer Boddhi Satva. One might say she is in very good hands. This talented singer/songwriter is currently working with Diamond Factory on releasing an EP in the near future and we are very excited for what she has in store.

Check out Geneva’s futuristic-yet-nostalgic vibes here

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