High Expectations for Alvvays' First Album


Over the last eight months, Alvvays have scaled the sonic landscape of Canadian indie rock, and found themselves reaching the summit.Since the release of an EP in 2010, the Toronto-based quintet have made a science of producing breezy, layered power-pop jams, but it appears they have finally hit their stride in 2014. Lead vocalist Molly Rankin and co. have garnered critical attention and a plethora of fans over the first segment of their international tour, en route to the release of their debut LP, due out this month.Phil Brennen Although they burst out on the Toronto music scene, recently performing at the 2014 NXNE festival, Alvvays are rooted in Atlantic Canada. Rankin hails from the famous Nova Scotia Rankin music family, while guitarist Alec O’ Hanley and drummer Phil MacIssac are former members of Prince Edward Island power-pop heroes Two Hours Traffic and The Danks.


Aside from the release of two singles – ‘Adult Diversion’ and ‘Archie Marry Me’- Alvvays have kept their unreleased repertoire under wraps, except for some limited cassettes that have been made available at tour locations. With the veteran help of Chad VanGaalen’s production mechanics, Alvvays have manufactured a tender blend of modern surf rock and bittersweet, textured indie-pop melodies. Rankin’s vocals hover somewhere between delicate and mezzo, her lyrics bold with lost love and reminiscent of old friendships, although within the vague sense of melancholy lies subtle hints of humor. Rankin said in an interview with interviewmagazine.com  that contrary to when the EP was recorded, there was definitely a more clear sense of direction when it came to writing and recording their first full-length.

“We knew that we were going to have a unified sound this time, rather than someone just dabbling in different genres of what they like.”

Alvvays resume their tour July 11 at Seaport Music Festival in New York City. Their self-titled debut comes out July 22 , 2014.


by Chris Dowbiggin