iammSaam Releases New EP 'PsychEval'


Toronto's iammSaam releases PsychEval EP, drawing from her Jamaican roots and revealing lyrical talents that are both impressive and though provoking. Listen to EP below:


"PsychEval is short for psychiatric evaluation. This project is a summary of how losing my mother affected me growing up. The process was so cathartic, when I was finished I felt like I had gone to therapy. I'm so transparent on this EP, it's as if I'm giving the listeners a copy of my psychiatric file. [The track] Present hits me the most. I was extremely vulnerable when writing it and I actually learned about myself through the lyrics. I shed light on a lot of feelings I had never really acknowledged. I've written many songs about losing my mother, but none of them have been as open as Present."


For more information, visit: iaamsaam.com