Interview: Toronto's Infinite


[Toronto hip-hop icon, Infinite sat down with me for an interview recently. The former member of Ghetto Concept is humble as fuh! And Toronto is grateful and honoured to host talent like this.] The former member of the Juno Award winning group Ghetto Concept became a solo artist in 1995 and since then…

1) His video for the hit ‘Take a Look’ won a Much Music Best Hip-Hop Video award among others 2) He toured with LL Cool J and recorded songs with artists such as Maestro 3) He did the soundtrack for Street Fighter ‘3rd strike’ game 4) He starred in 2 Hollywood movies: ‘Redemption’ and ‘In Too Deep’ alongside Jamie Foxx and Omar Epps

It’s been a while since we heard some of your music. Where have you been

“I’ve been from here to hell and back. That’s what it’s felt like because the last time I put out solo material was… a while ago - since ‘Take a Look’… I left on a good note. I got caught up in the street life. I don’t regret any of those experiences because it made me who I am now and I’m proud to be back.”

Tell us about your experience in the movies.

“I got a chance to do a real important part in the movie ‘Redemption’ alongside Jamie Foxx and Lynn Whitfield which is based on the life story of Stan Tookie Williams. I played the Crip that initiated the truce [between the Bloods and the Crips]. I made an appearance in the movie ‘In Too Deep’ with Omar Epps and LL Cool J.”


Have you been reading the youtube comments on your stuff? People really miss you and they want you to come back. You have a lot of love and support.

“This is what’s given me more reason to give back to supporters. Sometimes, when you’re on the bottom, they won’t even show you love. This is a situation where a lot of people… they haven’t forgotten. For the people that don’t know, the new audience, I’m going to be a new artist to these guys.”

When talking to Infinite about his efforts towards improving life his community, he talked about his future plans working in youth development:

“I want to be somebody like a big brother that could mentor and talk to these younger guys. Let them know that being in a gang isn’t cool…I wish I had somebody to tell me that before I got caught up in the system… I want to actually give back to these at-risk youth, show them right from wrong, and to think about decisions you’re making because they will determine which way you go in life.”

On a brighter note, I presented Infinite with a troubling scenario in which he had to decide the fate of these three lovely ladies: Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey in the game ‘DATE, DUMP, KILL’.

He was quite perplexed by the situation, but found himself dating JLo, dumping Halle, and… hiring a hit man to kill Mariah. The poor guy just didn’t have the heart to do it himself.

He’s had his hands full, but he’s getting back to the music and his loyal fans have been anxiously waiting his return. For those that were still in diapers at the time, not yet conceived, or simply missed out, Infinite is coming at you fresh out the box.

*Producers to look out for: Watts, Smokey, Rich Kidd, Nyra.

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