Interview: Chop-Z



Who is your grandfather?

My Grandfather was a man who I always heard great things about but never knew because he died in prison

What defines your genre?

What defines hip hop in one word would have to be the free-styling. Mixing it with R&B and different blends brings in the harmony & melody which is so vital in music. Without melody music is just a bunch of words or sounds.

How long have you been working at your craft and why?

Well I been writing since I was nine years old & started recording at 13. I used to listen to the Radio & write out the lyrics for every song that came on. Project bounce 89.5 used to be my favourite radio station. Hip Hop was an escape from all the negativity going on around me at a young age. What attracted me even more was the street, cause of the things I was seeing, the things the rappers were rapping about. Also my older brothers used to laugh at me & say I couldn't spit so that made me wanna go in even more. Now I write for them.

What do you have currently going on?

My current singles are Feel it ft Egypt, Cry For The Youths & The United States Of Africa. Each one represents their own message. Cry for the Youths has a video out right now which was shot in Kingston Jamaica about  how underprivileged youths are living & feeling. It's a song that was meant to show the contrasts between them & the higher class people in society.

Tell us something most don't know about you.

Something many people don't know is that I'm very athletic. I feel that when your lungs are in check your music & performances will be at the top peak.

What is the biggest obstacle in your career right now?

The way black youths are treated and misrepresented in the media is one thing. We are very complex, not everyone is the same, that's why there's individualism. I'm speaking about issues affecting us everyday & bringing out the truth which will open many more doors. Unfortunately we weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouths. To whom much is given much is expected so I'm preparing for my real work.Within the industry I don't see anything holding me back cause the only obstacles are the ones I create.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

For 2015 we got many things in the process such as the release of my new single Bathing Suit. Also I'll be on Afrofest 2015 so come out to one of the livest events in Toronto.

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