Jae Ari Releases New Song: RED LIGHT (prod. Hank Iving)


Toronto born and raised Jae Ari has recently blessed us with a new tune called Red Light The track is produced by Hank Iving of The Turkey Club, all the way  from Chicago. https://soundcloud.com/itsanewjae/red-light-prod-hank-iving


"The inspiration [for Red Light] came from listening to the beat. There was just something about baseline and the actual 'bang' of the record. I decided to mix it up a little by staying out of my comfort zone (which is usually more introspective records) by having some fun. It's summer time and people are outside, with their friends enjoying the nightlife up and about so I wanted to create something that contained that same kind of vibe. I think it worked. I feel great that people enjoy it and had the patience to wait a year for me to drop it. Reciprocation and support is a beautiful thing! I've held onto this song since May 2015 and normally I like to keep my stuff for a bit while working on newer stuff so that If I ever go back to it, I'm in different space to add subtle touches on it. The timing needed to be right. I put out an album that same year and with this track not being on that project, I needed to give myself some time to put it out in preparation for my new project called Things Could Be Worse. " - Jae Ari

Download Red Light on iTunes now.