Interview: Jane's Party


A band that started six years ago in a garage at the Keele and Finch area  is about to take over you summer playlist. Jane's Party is going from being a 'Toronto Indie Band' to an 'Internationally Known Toronto Indie Band' and I assure you that you'll want to be a witness of their journey to stardom. Devon and Tom talk to iscreammusic about the music, the future, and the city we love.

About the Toronto Music Scene

"Fantastic! Best music scene in Canada! Such a pool of talent in this city and once you crack into that pool everyone is so open minded and welcoming. Really great place to be. The diversity of cultures brings so many different backgrounds and experiences to the table. There is a constant need and want for people to share and collaborate so the sound is very unique. The only thing we need to work on is lack of all ages shows... Otherwise it has so much to offer."


Being Involved with Steam Whistle Unsigned

"We always, as an indie band, hear about the events and a lot of bands that we know have done it. We thought we had run our course because we signed with Cameron House Records, and when they approached us we were like 'we are signed!', but they are all about just helping out bands around the city. There are lots of places that want you to play as a band. The Steam Whistle Unsigned gig is a gig that we have always wanted to do and it seemed like it was a gig that we needed to be a part of considering that it is a Toronto staple."

What to look for this summer

"We just released Hot Noise last year so we are producing a follow up record to it right now. No name yet but we are back in the studio with Greg   Keelor from Blue Rodeo and we are heading up there in the first week of May to record some tracks which will hopefully be the whole foundation. The songs are all done it is just a matter of getting it together. Greg Keelor has got an uncanny ability to extract creativity out of everybody and we have the best guy to help us get the best album out there."


"The most you can do is write great songs and take ownership over your own craft. If you have substance and great songs then people are more inclined to listen. We have been really hard at work trying to assemble a team that will get our music in the great hands, but without the music, it doesnt really matter."

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