Interview: Toronto's JHYVE///SOUL


Quick rundown…• Two talented men. Check • Sex appeal. Check • SUPERMEGAFUTURESH!T. Check

Alright now let me tell you something exciting about these humble, down to earth gentlemen. The Toronto duo Jhyve//SOUL has recently announced the release of their new album, SUPERMEGAFUTURESH!T.


Jhyve, the calm, laid back singer/songwriter was brought up around music, his mother sang and his father was a Disk Jockey.

"I have a thing for ripped leather jackets, cheap whiskey, and American muscle cars..." –Jhyve

Soul (don’t let this tatted bad-ass fool you) has the drive and the desire to get his message out there like no other. Recently, he’s moved to Toronto from the Best Coast (I mean West) to really drive his music background into the city life and finish what he started.


SUPERMEGAFUTURESH!T was a two year project, but to them it came easy because they didnt feel the need to rush this album; they didn’t sit in the studio pounding out 24 hour days. Fortunately, they were able to take a step back and really analyze everything that went into their album. Jhyve produces his own music, so as soon these two met at an industry party, the connection was there. Jhyve felt an instant link with SOUL’s hard baselines and heavy drum sounds. Exchanging beats, Jhyve knew his spontaneous lyrics would fit with the music he was receiving. Quickly moving into their experimental sessions, they had already begun creating songs unlike any others in the realm.

What started as a small idea has quickly blossomed into an exciting new chapter in their lives. Not only will Jhyve and Soul continue to have a growing fan base, they will continue to leave their fans wanting more from them. These two aren’t your typical performers, there is so much more than what is behind the leather jackets and sunglasses.

Two years have passed since this dynamic duo began working together. They have released their first single and have since received great critical acclaim for everything they do. Seriously, keep posted on where you can catch these guys! I can guarantee you they are going to the moon and back.

Follow them @ThisisJhyve and @talktoSOUL and check out their soundcloud

I'm out, Kyla