Interview: Toronto's JOHN ORPHEUS


[Had the pleasure of sitting with a creative hero and talented artist John Orpheus of Toronto to discuss his new album and why he decided to kill himself (not literally) before things got started in 'John Orpheus Is Dead']

The Album

“The album 'John Orpheus Is Dead' is about the death of pop culture. Pop culture is run by corporations who tell you what to wear to go with the ticket sales to go with the shows. I wanted to use dying as my first act as a pop star which is to symbolize that pop is over, and that now there is something new. In order for new life to come, something has to die.”

"I want to be the person I was meant to be, but in order to be that person, I had to kill who I use to be."

“I wrote the album in about 3 months. We are also making a half an hour short film called 'John Orpheus Is Dead'. Kid Coma is the producer on this album. Generally the album is about me spending a lot of time on tour and the dark side of being famous. I was not famous myself, but I was pretty engulfed in that circle. You have to work through a dark place to get out of the addiction, and not just to drugs, but the whole industry. I want to be the person I was meant to be, but in order to be that person, I had to kill who I use to be.”

“In life, what I am afraid of losing the most is my voice. It is important for me to know that my voice matters, to know that what I say matters.”

The Roots

“I grew up in Trinidad and lived in NYC, so it’s been a way sorting out my identity. I started playing music at a young age and it became a way of assimilating life. When I was playing in bands I was on tour in England and we were opening for a big artist. They gave me a lot of confidence and once I got a taste for performing in front of 1000s of people and all the rest, I realized I could do it and the potential was there. The dream could be there, but once you are close enough to reaching it, you start to doubt whether you really want it."

Shout outs: Fitz Divine, Nilla, Maggie Szabo, Alysha Brilla

Catch John Orpheus at the official album release party performing live at Ballet on October 30th. For more information, visit